Elaborate Illusion

It's the artist, not the gear!

// Camera and lenses

I mostly work with the Fujifilm XT 30.

The settings allow film like looks and can reproduce some filmstock quiet good and authentically . It is easy to handle, light in weight and just looks amazing.

For lenses i mostly use Fujinon lenses. 

To archieve the vintage look, I also use older Minolta MD and SR lenses like the

You can attach vintage lesnes to any camera with a changable lense! 

There are plenty of lense adapters for your specific camera mount. 

It's not always about the expensive choice. 

Go for the cameras you feel drawn to and that support your workflow as an artist.

 It about the artist behind the gear!

Minolta W.Rokkor 28mm
Canon FD 50mm

// Analog photography 

My main camera would be the

 Cannon AE-1 Programm 

I tried some film cameras and the AE-1 Programm just stuck to me. 

The looks, the handling and of course the pictures this camera produces are just amazing. The settings are easy to grasp but versitile in nature.

With the Canon FD 50mm  it turns into my favorite Camera I own.

For backup i got the Ricoh XR-X. 

The settings of this camera are versitile and once again, I just feel very comfortable shooting with this camera.

I also love to occasionally shoot with point and shoot cameras like the Ricoh FF-700TF-900 or the Polaroid 900AF

// Films

My top 3 would be:

- Kodak Porta 400

- Cinestill 800T

- Wolfen NC 500

Fujifilm XT 30 mirrorless SLR
Canon AE-1 35mm SLR
Ricoh XR-X 35mm SLR